BM3 collaborate with inventors, start-ups, and businesses to develop new product ideas and services. We are a one-stop solution for product development, product review, and also allow you to redesign or expand your current line of products. We prevent your idea from being copied and keep it secure.

We help you to design a commercial friendly design that will appeal to the customers and efficiently support you in all your endeavors to create the product. We are actively looking to license innovative inventions in all categories and all stages of development. We have considerable experience in creating, developing, licensing and selling inventions to corporations and start-up companies.

Our Expertise

  • Provide patent network to keep your invention secure.
  • Help design commercially friendly product
  • Our trained engineers and product designers, ensure that your product turns out exactly the way you visualized it in both design and function.
  • Deal with your design registration application fully or provide drawings and support to assist you.
  • Conceptualize and produce the designs using 3D CAD in order to ensure designs are 100% realistic and help speed up development towards a prototype.
  • Prototyping and testing the developed product and give an expert
  • Proposition investors about the design and functionality of your product.

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